Women to beat men in sprint by 2156, apparently


Extrapolating from the winning Olympic 100-metre sprint times for men (blue) and women (red), suggests women will eventually beat men.

source: Nature

Dear Mr. Tatem,

predicting the results of the Olympic sprint finals is small beer, considering some other worrying trends the 20th century has shown. Please extrapolate the following threats to society for us into the near future:

  • In the 19th century Dutch men were the tiniest of Europe, whereas nowadays they are the tallest. When will they become 3 meters tall on average, according to you?
  • Considering that girls have their first menses much earlier than a century ago, when will our kindergartens need to stock female hygiene products next to the diapers?
  • And when will the human race die out over here, taking into account the worrying fact that European women aren’t bearing as many children as they used to do?


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