Success in Sports and the Rise of Doping Cultures

Een poging van Holger Strulik las ik, die wetenschappelijk wilde verklaren waarom sporters doping gebruiken. Welke sociaal-economische facoren wegen er mee, bijvoorbeeld?

For societies where medical improvements of the natural endowments of beauty, powers of concentration, or happiness are socially approved it could indeed be not that easy to find a waterproof moral argument against medical improvements of natural talent in sports. Instead, the theory developed here showed how social dynamics can move a sport into an equilibrium where a large majority is using drugs without getting much out of it rankingwise. Not because of sudden moral qualms but because costly doping has become so inefficient, a situation is reached where it is in the self-interest of the majority of professional athletes to get rid of their doping culture.

Riding High — Success in Sports and the Rise of Doping Cultures [pdf]

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