Quote of the Day | 0821

I have read the arguments from publishers—the ones that say that we eBook readers are cheap and don’t understand the value of books, independent of the costs involved with printing, transporting, storing, and keeping them on shelves waiting to be sold. Like most people who love books, read voraciously, and have done so for a very long time, I do understand that there are costs associated with professional editing, proof reading, design, and marketing. I do understand that publishers sometimes pay cover artists and authors for digital rights, on top of the non-digital rights. I am willing to pay for value-added services. What I am not willing to do is have my eBook buying used to counterbalance or subsidize bad deals publishers have made in other segments of their market.

Buying books: a reader’s perspective, by Vicki Fox Smith

[x]#9165 fan zondag 21 augustus 2011 @ 23:58:59