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what does the name of this website mean?

“eamelje” is the Frisian verb for bleating, harping, nagging, whining, frumbling, bellyaching or just talking too long without ever reaching a point. Though interestingly enough more and more Frisians are starting to use it as the verb for e-mailing as well nowadays. One could perhaps even argue that the word e-mail derives from the Old-Frisian emel, because of the simularities between both languages in ancient times.

“net” is the Frisian word for “not”. I guess you’ll catch my drift now.

“it is dochs oars” roughly means: “it isn’t so”.

so, that probably means those other words I don’t understand are Frisian as well?

That depends. A lot of posts will be written in Dutch. Some parts of the interface are in Frisian though. But only if the words I used look like their English counterparts. “Argyf” means “archive”; “Seleksje” is “selection”.

The days of the week are also given in Frisian, just like the archived months.

I can see it is a weblog, but what is it all about?

That’s a difficult one, because I haven’t found my format yet. On the one hand I sometimes offer links to sites or articles on-line that have caught my attention. Still, that doesn’t always mean I agree with what is being said there.

My website isn’t a diary or journal either.

Generally speaking this log reflects my wide interests in culture, science and technology.

Who writes it?

I am trained as a science historian and journalist.

Do you have any specific plans for eamelje net?

I do wish to use it more often for frivolous musings; to counterbalance the serious writing I do professionally. Have to see how that works out though.

And I’m still working on the layout.


Dizze webpagina hat in moaie Fryske namme, de interface is Frysk, de datums binne sels yn it Frysk, en dochs hast sûnt ein 2001 mar in ferrekt lyts bytsje oare tekst yn dizze taal skreaun hjir.

Miskien kin ik allinne oer Fryske saken skriuwe yn it Frysk. Miskien hâld ik my op it stuit wol foaral dwaande mei saken dy ’t neat mei Fryslân of it Frysk te krijen hawwe. Dat is my eins ek net rjocht dúdlik. Ik kin dêrom ek gjin betterskip tasizze.

Foarm folget funksje, sa sil it wol wêze.